Call of the Running Tide 2019

Call of the Running Tide 2019 Environmental Sculpture and Multi Media Event

The Turnaround

This frieze is inspired by my concern about the coral bleaching that has occurred on the Great Barrier Reef.

The black and white side of The Turnaround acts as a reminder of the stark reality of coral bleaching on the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. The colour has been leached out leaving a black and white skeleton. As you “turnaround” to the reverse side, the coral emerges from no colour to full colour. The centre of the frieze culminates in red coral, suggesting the phoenix rising from the ashes, providing a message of optimism and hope.

The frieze can be viewed either way, from colour to black and white or black and white to colour, leaving the viewer to question whether it is possible to “turnaround” the plight of the magnificent Great Barrier Reef?