Call of the Running Tide 2021

Call of the Running Tide 2021 Environmental Sculpture and Multi Media Event

The Collective Hive

The hexagon is a dynamic shape in nature – from water crystals, insects’ eyes, patterns on a snakeskin – to one of the most recognizable hexagonal structures, the beehive.
The Collective Hive explores the significance of the wonderous bee in nature, its importance for human survival through pollination and its symbiotic relationship with flowers.

The collection is from my garden and travels where I observe the beauty in found natural objects. I invite you to look closely at the beauty of the small things contained within each hexagon. Golf balls pop up in my garden like puff balls – look closely and you’ll see they are also made up of hexagonal patterns!

The work explores our connectedness and disconnectedness from each other as a human species and from nature. On a metaphysical level, it explores the eroding of the ‘matrix’; from the dense construct of the mind and who we think we are, to its dissolution and the freedom towards a lighter sense of being.

The work is an acknowledgement of my mother’s love of the botanical world.