Confounded Exhibition 2022

Confounded Exhibition 2022

This series of work is a ‘spin off’ from The Collective Hive, an installation I made for “Call of the Running Tide” in 2021. The works for this exhibition are a departure from my usual art practice, but my love of the natural world, flows into them, as it does in my linoprints.

I’ve continued using the hexagon as a strong and unifying element throughout all these works. It is a vessel in which to house natural found objects, which I gathered from my garden and surrounds.

In Hive, I’ve explored using flowers embedded in beeswax, enjoying the translucent quality and delicious aroma of the beeswax sheets, as I play with spatial illusions with differing hexagon heights and depths. This piece is a joyous celebration of the wonderous bee.

Nest is an exploration of small nests within a larger nest. I enjoyed the endless possibilities of a nest within each hexagon, with its own unique quality, and each individual nest, becoming an integral part of the whole.

Pulse (beating to your rhythm) and Breath (light as a feather), are symbolic pieces, contemplating the fragility of life. I allowed the minimal materials, red bead seeds and feathers, to reveal a narrative through their beauty, exploring repetition and rhythm in a symbolic and poetic way.

Wave is a playful look at little beach gems riding a wave to shore, with the interior of a nautilus shell at the pinnacle of the wave.

Making the work for “Confounded” opened up a fresh approach to using natural materials, which I allowed to speak for themselves. The creative process is magical and I do marvel at what emerges from a fleeting thought or feeling. In the case of all these artworks, the titles came first. They were the catalyst for the creative process to unfold. I like to think that the viewer can look at the works as a meditation, and be surprised, or confounded at their simplicity and/ or complexity.

All these works are transient in nature. Any of the organic material I’ve used, is subject to natural and unpredictable change.